Backstage Talks

What’s FAYC’s Purpose?

As time passes and transitions so do the world’s perception and liking. You may be swiping through your holographic smart device in the future and browsing through your NFT’S. Then come across your personal FAYC ape and think, “f*ck man, this is what fashion and art were during my times”.

What’s up all, hope the world has been treating you nicely. A little intro of why and how I got this project started: Growing up in the big apple I’ve always been intrigued by both fashion and art. Though certain things I wanted immensely in my possession were past my price point. I still had an imagination that was kept forever priceless.

Whether it was customizing sneakers or distressing jeans in middle school. I always aimed and wanted to create something unique. Fast forward, here I am now refashioning some virtual apes. My love for NFT’S spiked when I managed to mint some apes during launch. From the art to community, this was what I was missing in my life. What started out as being some personal ape designs ended up being a publicly launched project.

Besides adding kicks and flavors to this projects, I most importantly want to build a foundation and connection with all of you. Feel free to hop on in our discord and engage with our awesome community. Thank you for the support.