Model Your Own Ape

Ape Holders

Ape holders will soon be allowed to use their very own Ape for commercial use purposes on behalf of modeling for Fashionable Ape Yacht Club. How will this work? An application will soon be available via our discord in which applicants will be able to fill out a form. If your ape gets approved for modeling (we don’t judge or discriminate between apes, selection will be determined randomly), you will directly receive a sales percentage for each sale made using your own ape. Stay tuned

Non Ape Holders

Fashionable Apes are all about bringing the community as a whole. Therefore, for our creators and creatives out in the NFT realm. If you have a NFT or piece of advertisement you’d like to model/use on an APE this is the place. A form (on discord as well) will be available in which you may enter in to use your own logo/art. Your logo will be displayed on the APE’s garment. Alongside this, a link to your artwork will be posted via the description. A portion of the sales percentage will also be given to the artist based off of how many editions are sold.