Aren’t these brands affiliated with legitimate clothing companies, hence it’s copyrighted?

All FAYC brands used are inspired, however not affiliated directly with any actual brands. All patterns/logos are created backstage with extravagant yet comedic intentions. Assuredly, all brands are composed of having a form of parody within them. As a result, no one has to worry about any “FBI, open up” texts for copyright infringement. However, FAYC looks to partner up with legitimate streetwear brands soon as well. Particularly, independent streetwear brands to help spread their hard work and dedication. This will be available very soon alongside the model your ape feature. 

Are these apes from Bored Ape YC? 

Yes, all ape models used here are personally OWNED with full rights of ownership. Again, we are not affiliated directly with the bored ape yacht club team, we are solely owners of their apes. Therefore, we have been given the permission and rights to make derivatives of our apes. 

What will the airdrop(s) consist of?

As mentioned before, buyers of either ape model will be airdropped exclusive pieces of work. These pieces will never be released to the general public. Consider yourself a part of F&F (Friends and Family) by owning a fashionable ape. But wait, that’s not all. Owners will also be able to collect physically framed pieces of their apes. Please follow the discord to stay in tune with all updates in regards to the FAYC community.