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Browse our season 1 gallery. FAYC sponsored brands featuring popular designer labels such as Luigi Vutton, Gucheese, and Brrrberry will all make a debut through on August 27th via Opensea.

There will only be 3 total (excluding giveaway) of these designer ape models available for Season 1. Each model will be limited to only 100 of each, 0.1 ETH. *Please view the gallery to see when each ape model will be released*.

In addition, a one of one piece of the Season One FAYC magazine will also be up for grabs via giveaway prior to August 27. (twitter). Airdrops will also be sent out to holders/collectors, free of charge. The airdrops will consist of individually unique ape models, never to be released to the general public. As seasons progress the number of ape models will slowly be limited as well. Consequently, royalty fees will also be reduced even more.

(Thanks to all you season one was sold out within a minute! Beyond grateful. Stay tuned for our next upcoming season.. it’s surely a much bigger and even more luxurious one!)

Browse the gallery: 

FAYC Season 1 Magazine (1 of 1) GIVEAWAY TBA

GUCHEESE Ape (–/100) August 27 (8 PM EST)
Luigi Vutton Ape (–/100) August 27 (8 PM EST)
Brrrberry Ape (–/100) August 27 (8:00 PM EST)